Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Finished Kindle Love and a Sneaky Peek

I decided it might be a good idea to finish one project before starting another. This idea didn't go exactly as planned because I still started another project bofore this one was officially finished but I finished something which was really the goal all along anyway!

K Cover Front
This kindle cover is NOTHING like what I'd imagined when I first started crocheting it. At first I envisioned a field of little flowers and then an owl perched on a felt branch. But along came the sewing machine and more ideas and projects to start so I finished it off with three little flowers and few leaves.

The button is the from the set I bought to use on my Something With Sleeves (sigh, I wish I were that size again).


This is some strange Japanese fabric I bought for the wedding. It was going to be the lining for my purse but I ended up winning one in a blog giveaway that was ten time better than anything I could have made, How I magaged to hang onto the button and the fabric, I'll never know. I'm not sure what's up with the US BABY but it's kind of funny. I totally cheated, too, and didn't line the button hole. That would have taken way too much time!

Here's a sneaky peak at the project I started while finishing this one:

Sorry about the L-O-U-S-Y photos but I wanted to take pictures, blog, shower, eat lunch and make the filing for stuffed shells while Emmett naps which is a pretty tall order. He's pretty cute when he sleeps, though, isn't he?

Monday Nap
This picture is from last week but he really doesn't look all the different right now. Except for maybe a bit of sauce here or there because I didn't do a great job of wiping him down after he had mini pizzas for lunch. Sometimes the dreaded pacifier goes back in the mouth before I'm finished cleaning him up. I love those pouty lips!

And I'll add this pic, too, because I love it so much. I found this shirt whilst going through some of the boxes Matt brought down. I'd totally forgotten about it. We bought this around the time we got married (ah, how I miss Target) only because it had a hippo on the front and I collect hippos. Who knew our first really would be a boy and the tee would be just the right size to wear on our (few and far between) hot days?

All Boy
And I'm off - still need to shower and eat lunch! Hope you're having a great week!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Return of the Racetrack Rug

Emmett's Racetrack Rug
It took nine months but I finally sewed a felt back to Emmett's racetrack rug. And he's actually using it! This kid loves anything with wheels. His favorite thing to do is play with cars on the windowsill that looks onto the street in front of our house. It doesnt matter how big the vehicle is, he tries to get it up there. New Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars also get a run on the sill the moment he walks in the door (which is often because I'm a sucker for buying 99p cars that make him so happy).

I backed it with black felt and want to do something to make that side something to play with as usual so I'm thinking about making it a parking lot. That seems kind of boring, though, so I'm still thinking about it.

In other craft news, I got a sewing machine for my birthday! I haven't sewn with a machine since I moved here so I'm really excited. Emmett helped me open it and it took him awhile to stop trying to play with it. It was something in a box so it had to be his! Granted, the box was not as colorful as the boxes his toys come in. I'm looking forward to making him some fun things with it, though. I really can't wait to make him his first superhero cape! Sure, it's a few years off but I'm still excited.

I also bought a 12 x 12 shadow box and some balsa wood strips to make a little shadow box for my Lego Minifigures as the collection has gotten a bit out of hand. I've even ordered some from the Lego website and am so excited for the new series that comes out next month. It's a sickness. I have about a half dozed duplicates from the current series and can't decide if I just want to keep them since Emmett might actually get to play with them some time or sell them to feed my habit.

So far I've made one little square of basic Tunisian stitch crochet. It's really neat, a little more engaging than regular crochet and makes such an interesting pattern but I haven't moved to the next stitch yet. I am so good at starting things but Suck at finishing. Emmett's dino hasn't been touched in over a month, the Kindle cover I was so excited about is in a basket, all but forgotten....terrible.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Coming Soon

I got bit by the tunisian crochet bug. SInce I'm trying to be a thrifty gal these days, I checked one of our many charity shops and found a hook for 50p! Can't wait to give it a try! I'm working on a Kindle case right now using basic single crochets but that might all change since tunisian is supposed to be a bit more cushiony....