Friday, September 28, 2012


Photo 1

This is about as crafty as things get around here. This and crayons, markers, glitter and glue. I have to say, though, I'm pretty proud of this kid. He started sticking the straws in all by himself and when he was finished he blew on it like a cake with candles.

Sewing projects have been left unfinished - I even boxed my machine up a couple of weeks ago since the kitchen table is my workspace - and knitting only seems to come out when it's time for knit group and I don't think I've been able to make that for couple of months. Sad, sad, sad.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Finished Kindle Love and a Sneaky Peek

I decided it might be a good idea to finish one project before starting another. This idea didn't go exactly as planned because I still started another project bofore this one was officially finished but I finished something which was really the goal all along anyway!

K Cover Front
This kindle cover is NOTHING like what I'd imagined when I first started crocheting it. At first I envisioned a field of little flowers and then an owl perched on a felt branch. But along came the sewing machine and more ideas and projects to start so I finished it off with three little flowers and few leaves.

The button is the from the set I bought to use on my Something With Sleeves (sigh, I wish I were that size again).


This is some strange Japanese fabric I bought for the wedding. It was going to be the lining for my purse but I ended up winning one in a blog giveaway that was ten time better than anything I could have made, How I magaged to hang onto the button and the fabric, I'll never know. I'm not sure what's up with the US BABY but it's kind of funny. I totally cheated, too, and didn't line the button hole. That would have taken way too much time!

Here's a sneaky peak at the project I started while finishing this one:

Sorry about the L-O-U-S-Y photos but I wanted to take pictures, blog, shower, eat lunch and make the filing for stuffed shells while Emmett naps which is a pretty tall order. He's pretty cute when he sleeps, though, isn't he?

Monday Nap
This picture is from last week but he really doesn't look all the different right now. Except for maybe a bit of sauce here or there because I didn't do a great job of wiping him down after he had mini pizzas for lunch. Sometimes the dreaded pacifier goes back in the mouth before I'm finished cleaning him up. I love those pouty lips!

And I'll add this pic, too, because I love it so much. I found this shirt whilst going through some of the boxes Matt brought down. I'd totally forgotten about it. We bought this around the time we got married (ah, how I miss Target) only because it had a hippo on the front and I collect hippos. Who knew our first really would be a boy and the tee would be just the right size to wear on our (few and far between) hot days?

All Boy
And I'm off - still need to shower and eat lunch! Hope you're having a great week!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Return of the Racetrack Rug

Emmett's Racetrack Rug
It took nine months but I finally sewed a felt back to Emmett's racetrack rug. And he's actually using it! This kid loves anything with wheels. His favorite thing to do is play with cars on the windowsill that looks onto the street in front of our house. It doesnt matter how big the vehicle is, he tries to get it up there. New Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars also get a run on the sill the moment he walks in the door (which is often because I'm a sucker for buying 99p cars that make him so happy).

I backed it with black felt and want to do something to make that side something to play with as usual so I'm thinking about making it a parking lot. That seems kind of boring, though, so I'm still thinking about it.

In other craft news, I got a sewing machine for my birthday! I haven't sewn with a machine since I moved here so I'm really excited. Emmett helped me open it and it took him awhile to stop trying to play with it. It was something in a box so it had to be his! Granted, the box was not as colorful as the boxes his toys come in. I'm looking forward to making him some fun things with it, though. I really can't wait to make him his first superhero cape! Sure, it's a few years off but I'm still excited.

I also bought a 12 x 12 shadow box and some balsa wood strips to make a little shadow box for my Lego Minifigures as the collection has gotten a bit out of hand. I've even ordered some from the Lego website and am so excited for the new series that comes out next month. It's a sickness. I have about a half dozed duplicates from the current series and can't decide if I just want to keep them since Emmett might actually get to play with them some time or sell them to feed my habit.

So far I've made one little square of basic Tunisian stitch crochet. It's really neat, a little more engaging than regular crochet and makes such an interesting pattern but I haven't moved to the next stitch yet. I am so good at starting things but Suck at finishing. Emmett's dino hasn't been touched in over a month, the Kindle cover I was so excited about is in a basket, all but forgotten....terrible.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Coming Soon

I got bit by the tunisian crochet bug. SInce I'm trying to be a thrifty gal these days, I checked one of our many charity shops and found a hook for 50p! Can't wait to give it a try! I'm working on a Kindle case right now using basic single crochets but that might all change since tunisian is supposed to be a bit more cushiony....

Monday, July 30, 2012

Newly Made LEGO Geek

I always knew Emmett was going to be a boy. I might have harbored a little desire, a little hope for a girl but even when we left for the scan that would (hopefully) tell us if our baby was made of sugar and spice or puppy dog tails, I knew. I'd always thought my first would be a boy.

It's still up in the air whether Emmett will be an only child or not but even if we did have a second, I might have another boy which makes me a little sad when I think about not getting to knit girly things, have tea parties and sew clothing for dolls. BUT there are lots of great things about boys, too. Lego being one of them I've already discovered. This is my latest obsession: Lego Minifigures!

MF Bag

Matt had been watching Megafactories and got me to watch the Lego episode. We were both so impressed with everything that goes into making even the smallest piece and it gave me an itch. I wanted some Legos. Matt happened to find these at the grocery that night and the obsession began.

Series 7 Trio-001

Unfortunately, I've ended up with several doubles. Two bagpipe players, two knights and two of these guys:

This one, though, has two different faces. The detail on these minifugures is absolutely amazing. After a disappointing amount of doubles I started trying to use my x-ray vision to figure out which figure was in each bag. Okay, really I just felt around a bit, trying to feel for a piece that might give me a clue. It worked! I had really wanted this merman.


Then I said was taking a break. No more for awhile. Until I found a random series five at Tesco the other day.

Now I really want to get the office worker from series seven so that I can put his coffee cup in the lumberjack's hand...

Luke's Luke from the Gilmore Girls (if his hat were blue)!

And then today I found some series six packets at the toy store. This guy has two faces, too.


And asleep!

Now I can start mixing and matching, too.

Tough Guy

They also have a Team GB set. I've only bought one.

I should have taken a photo of him slightly tilted because the lion logo on his swim cap is neat. I love that he has drops of water on him as well. He's much more detailed than the lady swimmer from series seven. I'm not a big fan of the chiseled cheeks, though.

I figure (no pun intended) that by the time Emmett's actually old enough to play with these, I'll he'll have a really nice collection!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pretzels, Books and Christmas

I've been anxiously waiting for the right amount of me time to make soft pretzels from the cookbook Matt bought for me a week or so ago: Bake by Rachel Allen. Lorraine Pascal is my number one cooking crush but I like Rachel Allen quite a bit, too. Both of them create dishes that make you think, Yeah, I think I could really do that. I've made more out of the two Lorraine Pascal books I have than any other cookbook I own and, after making the soft pretzles, I think Bake might become just as popular.


That's about as fancy schmancy as I get with plating!

They were a bit labor intensive - lots of steps - but well worth it. They were delicious! According to the recipe, poaching them in simmering water and bicarbonate of soda before baking gives them the real soft pretzel taste.I made several with sesame seeds, a couple with salt and a few with a honey, butter, sugar and cinnamon coating. Next time I might pop the sweet ones under the grill to carmelize them a bit.



The sea salt I had on hand was much too fine. I had one about an hour ago and am going to have to brush my teeth to get the salty taste to go away. Not good.

I'm kind of enjoying reading books that I've "assigned" myself this month. I still have a couple that will be added to next months reading along - Night Circus and Insurgent and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter which I still haven't finished. I'm really struggling with it but am determined to finish. State of Wonder by Ann Patchett was my favorite read of the month. Shadow of Night, the second in the Discovery of Witches trilogy was kind of a let down.

I broke my own rule (well, I broke it a lot if charity shop paperbacks count because I bought several of those but I don't think they count - you have to grab them when you find them) and bought the first Harry Potter book for my Kindle last night. I've been wanting to reread them for some time and it's even better than I remembered. I really wonder what Rowling's adult novel is going to be like.

We were thinking about a trip to the states in September but it looks like it might be more like December or January. Warmer weather would have been nice since my parents have a backyard that Emmett will love but I haven't spent Christmas with my Ohio family for three years now so the idea of maybe getting to be there even close to the holidays is pretty exciting. And, cheesy or not, if I get the  chance, I'm totally taking E to have his picture taken with Santa. I was pretty surprised to find out that they don't do that here. There are places to see Santa and sit his knee and all but not to have your picture taken - at least not that I could find.

Emmett is still asleep, Matt went into town - I should do a bit of housework but I think I'm going to catch up on and episide of "The Good Guys" instead....

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Girly Care Package

I recently read on Facebook that the neice of a girl I went to high school with had come down with a case of E. Coli that had her in the hospital with all kinds of complications. She's been in for weeks and even "celebrated" her fourth birthday there. I haven't seen this classmate since our five year reunion and our twentieth is in a couple of weeks (a fact I just cannot believe) but something about this little girl really got to me. I couldn't stop thinking about her and decided to put together a little care package to cheer her up.

Jane the Cat

I have to admit, I'm going to have a hard time putting this kitty an the package and shipping her off to the states. I love her.  She's supposed to be a bunny (the pattern, Boxy Skirt Bunny can be found for free here) but when I finished her body at knit group on Sunday it was decided she might make a better cat. She's also supposed to have arms but I think, in this case, minimal is cute.

I tried lots of flowers but decided that minimal was best here as well. I thought the flower should go high because she's basically wearing a skirt and no top but once I sewed it on I thought it looked a bit odd but it's grown on me. I think I'll have to make another just like her for myself.

And this is totally a silly thing to post but it really goes to show that some times a little flair can make something pretty out of something plain. I wanted to send a little notebook since I was including a few little sticker packs and was pleased when I found this plain brown one with blank pages. A little flower and her name and - viola! - cuteness!

I got kind of excited about buying girly things so I'm also sending a bracelet and necklace from Claire's (why it surprised me initially that they were here too, I have no idea) and some fairy temporary tattoos. Hopefully they'll let her put them on in the hospital. Although, really, I'm hoping she'll be home by the time this package arrives.

Craft Time
I'm also pleased to share that Emmett made a craft on his own for the very first time the other day. He picked out a pipe cleaner (oddly, he chose black) from our box of crafty stuff and started sticking sparkly circle stickers on it, applauding himself after each sticker because EVERYTHING gets applause in our house (because he's a totaly ham, I even taught him to bow when I say "thank you, thank you"). I totally count that as a craft - especially since he wrapped it around the back of his neck like a sort-of necklace when he was finished. Pretty good for a twenty one month old!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A WIP and Miscellaneous Chitter Chatter

This project is taking so long that I thought I might just post a wip photo.

Basil the Brontosaurus finally has a head. Maybe he'll get a tail at knit group on Sunday.

At the end of September I'll have lived here for three years yet I still haven't unpacked several of my boxes. Virtually none of my craft stuff boxes were even opened (except for those that were marked "knitting") as there wasn't really anywhere to put any of it. This past weekend, though, Matt dug out a few and I started going through them. I don't want to unpack it all but I would like to have a shelf or two of the things I really miss. Annoyingly, I know I've bought things here that I already own.

This is one of the things I was so happy to have found: the Emily the Strange messenger bag I bought in Nashville years ago.


It might become the latest diaper bag.

We also went to Hobbycraft this past Sunday and I stocked up on crafty things to do with/for Emmett. He's not really old enough to do much other than finger painting and coloring but I did buy some wooden spoons, pom poms, pipe cleaners and googly eyes to make some puppets - he might be into helping me clue on pom poms. Plus I found a cardboard house with a car, two trees and a table andd chairs that comes blank for decorating. I told him he was allowed the car. Maybe the trees and the furniture, too, but the house is mine to decorate. Months ago, I had grand plans for a Build A Bear box and bought all of the things to make it into a little house but I never really get around to doung much to it. I have lots to oomph to start a project but not much of it or time to finish one. Matt and I have also talked about making me a place to work on the dollhouse my dad and I built before I moved here. I'd love to at least get it painted. I didn't come across any of my boxes of dollhouse stuff so they're still out there somewhere.

Argh, my little sugar booger (I wonder what he'll think of that name in years to come) is tossing and turning a bit which means the nap is close to ending!

Best Grin Ever-001

Saturday, July 7, 2012

While He Sleeps

I think While She Naps is one of the most clever blog names in all of Crafty Blogland. It's so true and I'm sure some momma would have scooped it up if Abby hadn't gotten to it first.

Emmett's longer, more predictable naps have become a wonderful, much needed bit of me time to read or crochet (or do dishes although he's gotten much better about letting me get on with housework while he plays with his Hot Wheels on the sitting room windowsill). I'm still working on a knitted dinosaur for him but recently I've been choosing small crochet projects that I can just about complete while he naps (see? brilliant!).

Puppy Full Body
Sorry about the super busy background. It's been absolutely pouring here for over 24 hours which means no outdoor photos and it's all I had on hand!

I finished all but a couple of the paws on this little pup (a Lion Brand free pattern: Ravlink) during a nap the other day. The bit of brown on the tip of one paw was an added design element due to the fact that I used up every bit of that oatmeal color. Now I think it's my favorite part of the pup.

Pup with Basket
And then, that night, I decided he needed a little basket for his own naps.


Emmett has cuddled him a couple of times. He's become a bit of a dog freak and wants to pet every one that we run into. Then he cries when they or he have to go away. This doesn't look much like the dogs he loves, though, so I'm keeping it for myself, I think. Can you guess what I named him?


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Read What I Own Month

Every once in awhile I put an embargo on myself when it comes to buying things to read. Most months its the same: one magazine (Mollie Makes - I wouldn't want to miss it) and no books. Other months, when the embargo is lifted, I can tend to go a little nuts with the book buying for the Kindle. Right now I have at least forty unread books on my machine. Ridiculous. Imagine if those were real books on a shelf. Good grief. Granted, a lot of them are free or less the three pounds. There are a lot of really good books out there for nothing or almost next to nothing. I never miss checking out the 99p Kindle Daily Deal; although I rarely buy them. They aren't really part of the embargo but I also really research any book meticulously, checking Amazon and Goodreads reviews before purchasing. I went from someone who was pretty leary about the whole Kindle thing to a slightly obsessive junkie.

Anyway, this is an embargo month. This month, though, I'm allowed one magazine and one book. The sequel to A Discovery of Witches, Shadow of Night, comes out next week and I don't think I could wait until August to start reading it!

Here's what I have on my Read What I Own Shelf for this month.

The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness.

KNife of NEver letting go

I bought this one awhile ago after seeing it at Waterstones. I started it but put it down after only a few chapters. Something about the way it's written annoys me a bit. I'm determined to finished it this month, though.

Insurgent by Veronica Roth.

I liked the first book, Divergent, so much that I preordered this one so that it would download at 12:01 am the day it was released. I read two pages and realized I'd read so many similar dystopian YA fiction that I couldn't entirely remember the first book...and I haven't picked it up since. This is another 'determined to finish'. I know it's going to be good. I think I just need to read the end of the first book again to get back into it.

State of Wonder by Ann Patchett.

State of Wonder
This is - gasp - a paperback! Recommended by trusted sources: NPR and my friend Chris.

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.


Tiniest picture but probably the one I'm most looking forward to. I bought it with a gift card my parents gave me when they visited last month but haven't read it yet. I've been saving it for some reason. It's nice to have a good book to save* once in awhile even when you're not sure why or when you're saving it for.

I'm also reading Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter but I keep putting it down after a few pages. I like the story itself but the way it's written - regular text with interspersed bits of diary entries - is too distracting. I'm about halfway through and I still haven't gotten used to it. I like the idea of Lincoln as an ass-kicking vampire hunter, though.

So what are you reading? Have you ever imposed an embargo upon yourself (or am I totally a freak)?

*Useless bit of Emily History: when I was younger I wrote to John Updike. Twice. And he wrote back twice, too. Typewritten white postcards with his signature in blue. I don't remember why I started reading him but I loved his books and read almost all of them. I recently picked up a book of his short stories at my father-in-law's house, read the first story, and, sadly, kind of couldn't figure out why I liked him so much. Anyway, the second letter was about the book Brazil which I saved and read on vacation and he wrote back that he pleased I had chosen his book to save. Okay, kind of anticlimatic but it popped into my head when I said I was saving The Night Circus. And I always thought it was really nice that Mr. Updike took the time to write back to some teenager in Ohio.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Instant Gratification Dinosaur

At (the much needed) knit group on Sunday, I got lots of progress done on the dinosaur I'm knitting for Emmett but it still needs a tail and all four legs and I felt the need for some instant gratification so out came the hook.

Dinky Dino

I found this dinky dino in the new patterns on Ravelry and it's designedby Ana Paula Rimoli (Ravlink). I've always gotten a kick out of her creations but I don't think I've ever crocheted one. This guy certainly calmed my need for instant gratification as I was able to make him up in a day with a little cooperation from Emmett. Most of the time, I'm pretty much hands on, ready to wrestle and play whenever he likes but yesterday I needed him to be a little more independent. And, thankfully, for the most part, he was.


Sadly, Emmett really has no interest in the finished product. I wonder if it's because he saw me "playing" with it all day or if it's, more likely, that he's really just not interested. He does have a few favorite stuffed animals, though, so I have hope that one day one of the ones I make for him will join that group!

Aerial View
Of all the photos I took at the cathedral today, this is my favorite:

In the Pushchair
I was just looking at my blog and the sidebars are SO out of date! The blurb about me says that I'm recently married...we just celebrated our third anniversary. The book list link is for 2010. Good Omens is on my Bedside Table and I (sadly) abandoned that ages ago (but should give it a try again if I can find it). It all needs a serious update. I have an idea for a new blog header, too. I had been contemplating switching to a free blog since I blog so infrequently but - too late! My auto-renewal came and went without me noticing so it's time to get my money's worth.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Baking is Sanity

Jubilee Cupcakes

Over the first weekend of June everything here was red, white and blue bunted for the Jubilee. I jumped on the bandwagon a bit late but still managed to find some (totally overpriced) bunting, a cake stand and little Union Jack sugar decorations for a quick celebratory fix.

Jubilee Cupcake
I've always kind of liked to bake but over the past month I've found out it's not just a "kind of" thing any more. I need it. It keeps me sane. After making cupcakes one night before Matt got home from work, I realized that I felt happier than I had before I mixed up the ingredients and popped them in the oven. Emmett joins in sometimes, too, with his own shaker of demerera sugar and hundreds and thousands that he sprinkles into a small bowl of flour and stirs with a spoon, and I love when he does but I really love baking by myself. I'm not great at slowing down and following directions but I'm trying and have had fewer catastrophes than usual, thank goodness.

While my parents were here a couple of weeks ago, Mom bought me a cake decorating kit. The Jubilee cupcakes were a quickie job - just a simple swirl and a store bought decoration - but I'm looking forward to baking a cake and really having at it with the icing bag.

I've been trying to keep a cleaner house, too, in order to find a little more happiness. My mom is amazing when it comes to coming up with great organizational ideas so having her here was the jump start I've needed for awhile. Things aren't exactly where I'd like them to be but they're getting there. And it's working. A tidy living room and and a clear kitchen makes me wake up a happier Mommy.

So does Emmett's recent nap schedule. I'm really hoping these two hour naps continue. Some times he wakes up halfway through and needs Mommy's shoulder but, more often, he sleeps through and I get some much needed me time. Hopefully more time to blog which would also make me happier. And knit - I've been working on a dino for Emmett for a couple of months now and I'm totally in love with it but progress is slow.

I've been reading a lot lately, though. Like a crazy amount. A few faves: The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown, The Travelling Matchmaker Series by M.C. Beaton, Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth, Delirium  by Lauren Oliver and On the Island by Tracey Garvis Graves. FIction, romance, YA distopian fiction, self published novels - I've been devouring them. Any recommendations?

I think I might try to change the blog layout around, too. A fresh start since it's been so long. Let's start with actually getting to blog once in awhile, though....

P.S. My bunting is still hanging in the window. I like it so much I might just leave it least until the Olympics are over. :)


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lapghan for Granny Rose

Full Lapghan


Lapghan Up CLose

Yikes, I can't believe a whole month has nearly passed since my last post. And what makes it even sadder is that I was only able to cross a couple of goals for March on the list I made in that last post.

I haven't done much crafting this month but I did make a lapghan for Emmett's great-granny who turns 90 this week. I've never actually finished a blanket. Started lots, sure, but never finished one. It felt pretty good. Now I'm really itching to make a large one for us.

This, though, is what takes up all of my time.

Mommy & Me

Hes seventeen months old now and I have no idea where all that time has gone. One this same day last year we were in New Orleans for my brother's wedding and Emmett had just learned to roll over. Now he's unstoppable. He's becoming more independent, too, and I'm thankful for that. Just don't get too independent, little bub - it's going by so fast.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pinning Things: Rotating Goal List

This simple project by Cornflower Blue (her blog is very pretty!) caught my eye on Pinterest the other day and I couldn't stop thinking about it until I picked up some bright green card, a Sharpie and a ruler.

Goal List

This is actually my second of three attempts. The first died when I scambled to get a fussy Emmett out of his highchair and put a wet paper towel on it without noticing until I came back a couple of hours later. The second, this one, I thought I didn't like and the third died when I tried to add doodles. I do not like my doodles (tomorrow is National Doodle Day, by the way). They look pretty in my brain but on paper they aren't something I'd like to look at every time I open the fridge. So I went back to the second incarnation, added words and some lines and hung it up. Ta da. That's what my handwriting looks like.

We just started a big cleaning/organizing project in the conservatory which included making a little space for Emmett with a drawing table and a basket of toys. My hope is that this will give me a bit of time to make a few things myself. I was able to make most of this with him scribbling away beside me which was an awesome feeling. I'm so excited about the crafts we'll make together as he gets older.

Speaking of crafts, I've found a couple of crafting magazines that I have minor crushes on but that's a post for another day!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

More Catching Up: Emmett's Racetrack Rug

Okay, it's not really finished. I still need to sew a back on it but I have to admit that may never, ever happen. I'd like to think that it would...maybe by his next birthday.

Full Racetrack Rug
Let's see, I started this in June, in Ohio, at knit night and finished it in September. Considering that it's about ten trillion single crochets, I think that's pretty good!

Racetrack Rug

I also made him a little car from this Steve the Car pattern.

The Car
I made a couple of changes: I left off the eyes and the buttons for hubcaps and made the wheels a little larger. It's actually pretty cute for a car.

I gave it to him for his first birthday and wasn't suprised when he had no interest in it at all. I left it laid out in his play area, though, after I took these photos and after he woke from his nap he went right over to it and started driving the car around the track! I wasn't fast enough to get a picture but as much as this kid already loves cars, I think there will be lots of other opportunities.
Ravlink: Racetrack Rug

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Everyone's Doing It

Pinning. Pinterest. Love.

I kind of want to do a weekly Pinterest thing. Maybe my top five favorite pins of the week or a pin that I've actually tried. But I'm not one for following through so it's still a "kind of want to" for sure.

Tonight I tried out something from my Crockpot Love board, though, and oh did I love it. It's impossible to find good Mexican food around here and it was one of my very favorite things to eat back in Ohio. The Mexican food here is either a little too sweet or they throw something strange like eggplant into the salsa. We went to Salisbury's Mexican restaurant on my birthday two years ago but walked out when I read that each meal came with a side of fries not tortilla chips. Being seven months pregnant or so, I knew that was a meal that would have ended in emotional, disappointed tears.

We're new to this crockpot thing. I had oen in the states but pretty much only used it for making this one cheese dip (Velveeta, salsa, cream and pimentos...I think that's all that went into it and it's delicious). I'm determined to use it for meals here, though. We had potatoes, onions, cream of mushroom soup and pork chops last week and it was good but not spectacular. Chicken tacos, though, with three simple ingredients...delicious! I used Chocolate Therapy's recipe. Salsa, chicken breasts and taco seasoning on high for four hours. I could go on for days about how good this was. Recently I've been rating good meals as food that makes me want to roll around on the floor. Why good food suddenly makes me want to behave like a dog, I have NO idea but this was definitely a floor roller.*

Anyway, it's so good that there's only a tiny bit left...

Chicken Tacos
Just enough to pile on top of baked potatoes with sour cream and cheese for dinner tomorrow!

Next time I'm going to try making my own taco shells like this but I'm going to give it a bit of tang with a suggestion from my cousin and rub them down with lime, sea salt and fresh chopped coriander. I couldn't be bothered with that tonight. Nor could I be bothered to take a photo of the tacos themselves. I just wanted to eat some decent Mexican food and this will certainly tide me over until we make it again! 

*I do not actually roll around on the floor in delight. I just really feel like it.