Saturday, July 7, 2012

While He Sleeps

I think While She Naps is one of the most clever blog names in all of Crafty Blogland. It's so true and I'm sure some momma would have scooped it up if Abby hadn't gotten to it first.

Emmett's longer, more predictable naps have become a wonderful, much needed bit of me time to read or crochet (or do dishes although he's gotten much better about letting me get on with housework while he plays with his Hot Wheels on the sitting room windowsill). I'm still working on a knitted dinosaur for him but recently I've been choosing small crochet projects that I can just about complete while he naps (see? brilliant!).

Puppy Full Body
Sorry about the super busy background. It's been absolutely pouring here for over 24 hours which means no outdoor photos and it's all I had on hand!

I finished all but a couple of the paws on this little pup (a Lion Brand free pattern: Ravlink) during a nap the other day. The bit of brown on the tip of one paw was an added design element due to the fact that I used up every bit of that oatmeal color. Now I think it's my favorite part of the pup.

Pup with Basket
And then, that night, I decided he needed a little basket for his own naps.


Emmett has cuddled him a couple of times. He's become a bit of a dog freak and wants to pet every one that we run into. Then he cries when they or he have to go away. This doesn't look much like the dogs he loves, though, so I'm keeping it for myself, I think. Can you guess what I named him?


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