Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Instant Gratification Dinosaur

At (the much needed) knit group on Sunday, I got lots of progress done on the dinosaur I'm knitting for Emmett but it still needs a tail and all four legs and I felt the need for some instant gratification so out came the hook.

Dinky Dino

I found this dinky dino in the new patterns on Ravelry and it's designedby Ana Paula Rimoli (Ravlink). I've always gotten a kick out of her creations but I don't think I've ever crocheted one. This guy certainly calmed my need for instant gratification as I was able to make him up in a day with a little cooperation from Emmett. Most of the time, I'm pretty much hands on, ready to wrestle and play whenever he likes but yesterday I needed him to be a little more independent. And, thankfully, for the most part, he was.


Sadly, Emmett really has no interest in the finished product. I wonder if it's because he saw me "playing" with it all day or if it's, more likely, that he's really just not interested. He does have a few favorite stuffed animals, though, so I have hope that one day one of the ones I make for him will join that group!

Aerial View
Of all the photos I took at the cathedral today, this is my favorite:

In the Pushchair
I was just looking at my blog and the sidebars are SO out of date! The blurb about me says that I'm recently married...we just celebrated our third anniversary. The book list link is for 2010. Good Omens is on my Bedside Table and I (sadly) abandoned that ages ago (but should give it a try again if I can find it). It all needs a serious update. I have an idea for a new blog header, too. I had been contemplating switching to a free blog since I blog so infrequently but - too late! My auto-renewal came and went without me noticing so it's time to get my money's worth.

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  1. Glad to see you back....very cute dinosaur and maybe Emmett will enjoy him when he is a bit older....I recently made a dinosaur myself...