Thursday, March 11, 2010

This and That

Not much time to blog or things to blog about around here.  My parents arrive on Sunday (at seven a.m. - if I weren't so anxious, that would sound terrible) so there's been loads of painting, tidying, (ahem) stashing things on the third floor (which will be forbidden territory) and carpet cleaning.  Matt has done the majority of the painting and he's just been amazing.  He painted the upstairs bathroom last night and then decided to go ahead and tackle the hallway, too.  And he did all that with a little brush because we're out of rollers. 

You know what's almost as exciting as my parents arriving on Sunday?  The fact that they're bringing me Kraft Macaroni & Cheese (the microwave kind because it's easier to pack).  I tried some "local" mac and cheese back around the holidays and was terribly disappointed.  And as good as homemade can be (we even bought everything to make it a couple of weeks ago but never actually got around to it), it's the stuff in the blue box that I've been missin'.  So I don't care what everyone else has for lunch or dinner on Sunday - I'm having macaroni and cheese.  

Oh, my daffodils bloomed like a springtime firework display but I, sadly, never got around to taking a photo and they're now looking a little droopy.  They were gorgeous, though, and I got more than £2 worth of enjoyment from them.

And now I'm off to enjoy the freshly scrubbed tub with a nice warm bath....


  1. Oh, I'm so glad your parents are coming! I know how much you've missed them!

  2. Hi I too have recently met an Englishman and moved to Salisbury from Auckland NZ.Different age group...I am knitting for the next generation..he's called Riley and he's 17mnths and lives in Melbourne Aus. Love to knit and would be very interested if you or someone you know is running a 'stitch 'n' bitch ' or similar in this area. I knit sox in tandem [so that they vaguely look like a pair at then end!]love books too.
    Regards Jennie Bode