Monday, August 15, 2011

Light My Fire


Matt and Emmett bought me a Kindle for my birthday. I wasn't exactly a Kindle fan before or at least I really didn't think I wanted one. The idea of reading a book on a screen, without the heft of the book in your hand and turning the pages, just really didn't appeal. I'm one of those people.

No longer.

Like my iTouch, it's something every new mom should have. It's much easier to pick up than a book (especially since I'm currently reading Game of Thrones and it's 700+ pages thick) when Emmett's taking a snooze in my arms.


Even though I'd already paid £9 for a paperback copy, I had to buy Game of Thrones for the Kindle. It's taking me forever to get through it and not because I'm not interested. I've read more of it in the past couple of days than I have in a week.

Back to the Kindle. The screen is gorgeous. When I opened it, I assumed the screen saver (like the one above of Virginia) was actually something that would peel off with the sticky screen protector - nope.

This, though, is what sold me...

I can email PDFs to a special Kindle address and, like magic, they'll appear the next time I turn it on! That means rather than keeping track of paper patterns and keeping them away from little hands that like to crumple and a mouth that likes to chew, I can keep my current project on the Kindle. Awe-some. That's the Bunny Nuggets pattern but Rebecca Danger, by the way. I haven't checked to see if you can add notes to a PDF but that's on my list of things to investigate in the user's manual. If not, I'll still have to keep a notebook to write down where I am which is a bit of a pain but easier to keep away from Emmett than pieces of paper.

Anyway, I love it and have been trolling Etsy and Folksy for a sleeve. I really need to see if my sewing machine works here because it's going to kill me to buy one when I could make one myself.

Big Grin

I'll end with a little gratuitous Emmett. He's wickedly fussy - damned teething - at the moment so I really need to close up and get some dinner in the little fellow because eating always soothes the savage beast!


  1. Yeah, I'm one of those people too. Glad it's helping you though. And hey, wanted to ask, if you haven't already loaned them to Libby, can I borrow your Gilmore Girls dvds? I get a hankering to watch them in autumn. :)

  2. I was totally one of those people too - but I got a Kindle and I LOVE it! i still read "real" books too. and i absolutely thought the screen was one of those films i needed to peel off too - that's hilarious! oh, and I just found out that you can share books with friends on the Kindle, but they can only have it for a really limited amount of time (i suppose it might end up being like the free samples just because you'd never finish the novel in that amount of time - just enough of it to get hooked and need to buy it, I guess! i'll have to look at that again.) i love little Emmett's teeth - sooo cute!!

  3. A Kindle is on my Christmas list. I'm blaming Grace for converting me from one of those people.

  4. ooo! I didn't know you could convert pdf patterns to read on the Kindle. I have been resisting buying one for ages but you may have just persuaded me that I need one! :)

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  6. Witty! I’m bookmarking you site for future use.

  7. I want one of these! I didn't know about the pdfs and the capability of them with the Kindle, but it's more reason to get one now. :)
    I have the Kindle app for my Blackberry, but this sounds like a really nice item to have! :)

  8. Emmett is adorable! I love his shirt!