Friday, February 3, 2012

A Christmas Catch Up

Christmas was a bit strange this year. We waited until a few days before Christmas to put up the tree and when we did, it was just a four foot one with a few favorite ornaments because I just couldn't trust Emmett with a full sized tree full of bright, grabbable goodies. And it wasn't until Christmas was over that I realized we didn't take one photo. Not one. Video, yes, but no photos of Emmett's Real First Christmas. Sigh.

I made him a stocking this year. A colorful, scrappy one using this pattern.

Emmett's Stocking 2011

I had so much fun going through my stash and making up a ball of random bits and bobs. I wish now that I'd taken a photo of the ball before I used it all up - it was very pretty.

Emmett's Stocking Up CloseUnfortunately by the time we finishing finding things for his stocking, it was too small! So instead he used the stocking I crocheted two years ago (which I just realized I never photographed to add to Ravelry).

I also really got into making snowflakes for the front window. They're still up, in fact. A few toward the bottom of the window didn't stick around long as standing on his little blue stepstool in front of the window is one of Emmett's favorite things to do. 

I was finding it really hard to get a photo of the ones that are left. For one, the window is dirty. Two, the view outside isn't the prettiest: a street. And three, every photo I took had a blurry car in it. Then I happened to notice the sun shining through and the crazy shadows it created. Not a great representation on the snowflakes but a much better/interesting photo!

Paper Snowflakes
I kept meaning to make more but never got around to it. I did create a favorite, though, that didn't go in the window at all as I didn't want to destroy it. If I ever get around to mounting and framing it, I'll take a photo. For now it's folded up and stashed away from little hands.

Yikes, it's now one in the morning! I should really get to bed as Emmett will be ready to get up long before I will!



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  1. Oh, I don't think you'll ever forget his first Christmas whether there are pictures or not! Those snowflakes are awesome - and you can totally leave them up all season because they're wintery, not necessarily just christmasy!