Wednesday, August 7, 2013

{diagonals & skylines}

Matt came up with an amazing photo idea for diagonal - much better than anything I could have come up with but also INCREDIBLY obscure.

The west front of the Salisbury Cathedral is full of statues of bishops (this friendly looking guy is Thomas Ken. I just realised I mixed him up with another bishop in my Instagram post - oops). I also included this note with the photo: Bc4 Nc6. It's a chess move - bishops move diagonally. Clever but obscure.

And today we have a skyline (of sorts) and three lines in the sky. 

Tomorrow is a selfie. I'm struggling with my appearance these days. I'm in desperate need of a haircut and have gained MORE weight since I had Allie. I've been heavier (hello high school) but that doesn't make it okay or any easier to cope with when I look in the mirror or see a photo of myself. I've discovered I'm a stress eater and I'm juggling so much (learning to cope with two kids, house far from the state I'd like it to be, behaviour problems with E, missing my US friends and family, lack of sleep blah blah blah) that I find myself eating not because I'm hungry but just to...I don't know, cope with things I'm seeing, hearing, feeling. 

Anyway. I need to get ahold of things before they get worse. Not sure what to do about the selfie.

In other, cheerier news: Allie rolled over this morning. It tuckered her out so much  that she's settled in for a cuddly nap!

Hope you're having a great day!


  1. Oh that is super clever for diagonal!! And a great picture! Tomorrow you should smile and take a picture - its impossible not to be beautiful when you smile! No one no one no one judges you like you judge yourself!

  2. Hooray for obscure! (Wow, if it had been a statue of Jude the Obscure. . . Trippy.)

    I'm heavier now than I've ever been. Also mental health eating. You'd think with both children moved out, no job to go to, no friends to see, I'd have all the time in the world to exercise. But that's what depression does to you --- makes you sit and get nothing accomplished.