Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Big, Important Things!

Oh how I love the internet!  Yesterday I opened a new page to begin a post and found that the text editing tool section on Typepad was coming up wonky which meant I couldn't post photos or format any text so I decided to give it a day and see if the problem resolved itself.  Unfortunately, it didn't so I looked it up on Google and - lo and behold! - a solution that worked.  As simple as opening a new page and pressing Crtl+f5.

On to more important things....

The next 48 hours are super exciting!  Tomorrow morning we go for our 20 week scan and will - hopefully! - find out if our little acorn is a boy or a girl.  As I've mentioned before, my first instinct was that he or she is a boy while Matt thinks girl but lately we've both been referring to her as a girl without much thought.  I'll definitely make a little announcement here but we're waiting to tell my parents (that is, if the baby cooperates) in person so I probably won't get to post it until late Thursday/early Friday Ohio time. 

Speaking of Thursday...we leave for Ohio Thursday morning!  We have to get up at the ridiculous hour of four to get to the airport on time but the fact that it's, seriously, already getting light at that hour should help a but.  I woke up the other morning to bright sunlight streaming though the window and thought for sure it must have been at least eight but when I looked at the clock it was only five-thirty!  So yesterday I looked up a sunrise chart and found that sunrise here currently is at about 4:45 (and sunset is at 9:15).  I don't think I've ever lived anywhere where the sun was so bright so early. 

Anyway, this time Thursday night we'll we touching down in Dayton.  Hooray!  The house needs a little bit more straightening and there's one more load of laundry to do but I think we'll be ready to go by the time we crawl into bed tomorrow night.  Thankfully, Matt's sister is going to stay here to look after the house and, more importantly, take care of the cats.  Mina, our black cat, has become somewhat neurotic and has licked all of the fur off her belly and is now working on doing the same to her back legs so she needs to be watched and fed on a regular basis because we think her neurosis has to do with food.  She runs to the food bowls (we have one upstairs and one down) whenever we get close to it in case we're going to feed her and she tends to start chowing down when she senses that we're getting ready leave.  Like she's thinking, "They're never coming back.  I'd better eat all this food before Lucy [our other cat] does!"  

I'm off to veg in front of the tv for a little bit.  This has been a terrible allergy day.  Better today than tomorrow, though!


  1. I hope Ola isn't shy about showing the goods. ;)

  2. Have a wonderful and safe trip! I'm glad someone will look after your poor kitty!