Sunday, August 8, 2010

Green & Growing Sweater

Finally - a finished sweater that isn't teeny tiny or a Pebble Sweater Vest!


This is the Offset Wraplan knitted in the 3 - 6 months size with Rowan Extra Fine Merino DK caught on sale for £2.25 a skein which makes this little sweater a steal!  


I'm contemplating adding a little frog face or oak leaf applique but I also like it just the way it is.  The color - Emerald - is bright, cheery and fantastic. 

The pattern is a breeze (except perhaps for picking up stitches for the button and buttonhole packets - it always takes me at least two tries to pick up the correct amount of stitches) but I put it aside for a couple of months due to holes under the arms.  Thankfully a little time out did the sweater good and my second attempt was successful.    

I've been trolling Ravelry for two days now, trying to figure out what to knit next.  I even contemplated knitting something that would fit me but that didn't last long.  I crocheted one little super cute bootie today but it was a bit tedious so it might take a day or two before I start the second (but it will happen!).  These little Kanoko Pants might be next.  I'd also like to knit one of these Pixie Hats to bring him home in but I'd like to find a really special little ball of brown wool since I think we'll either be bringing him home in the Desolation Island Pebble Vest and light brown trousers or a cute little two piece brown pajama set we bought in Ohio (with little puppies for feet - so cute).  

Tonight we're looking forward to the last episode of the BBC series Sherlock.  It's not exactly a remake of the Conan Doyle stories but it is based on his characters.  It's placed in modern times and, while it has it's faults, it's pretty fun to watch.  But first, time to put together something for a very late supper....


  1. Love your cute sweater. Also loved Sherlock. Hope they make more episodes.

  2. Love the sweater; ya know green's my fav color right?

  3. Great little sweater!! Really --- it's terrific.
    And you got me interested in Postcrossing; I've already sent out my first card.

  4. I really love knitting, just like you.. it's my fave past time actually...