Saturday, August 14, 2010

Spending a Birthday Together

Even though we were 4,000 miles apart last year, Matt made my birthday something really special.  There were banners and balloons hanging behind him when we Skyped that morning and cake with candles (and Matt in a jacket) later on in the day.  Just really nice. 

So you can only imagine what it was like this year since we could finally share the same space on my birthday.  The day started with tea and toast and pastries in bed with cards and lots of fun presents to open.  Fun little presents are the best.  One of my favorite childhood birthday memories is of a giant wrapped box filled with smaller wrapped presents.  In my memory the giant box was a refrigerator box.  More than likely, though, it was a small television box but, still, it's an awesome memory.  

Then we packed a picnic in the hamper he bought for my last birthday and drove out to the beautiful Wardour Castle.  This was the view from our picnic blanket...

View From a Picnic 

There was a really good bottle of non-alcoholic wine...

Faux Champagne in Pink Cups 

...and homemade pasta salad...

Pasta Salad

...and Ben's Cookies which didn't get photographed but are almost as good as having a birthday cupcake from ele Cake Co. back in Ohio.  Almost.  

And then Matt took some bump photos...

Acorn's First Trip to Wardour Castle

There's a bench full of people behind my bump in this one...

Emily & The Acorn 

This one is my favorite...

An Up Close Bump Photo 

And on our way home I experienced my first cow crossing! 

First Cow Crossing 

And that night we had delicious homemade (not by me!) chocolate cake and Matt managed to actually fit 36 candles on it.  I won't post a photo of that, though, 'cause no one needs to see a fire hazard!

I finished a little pair of knitted trousers the other day and will hopefully get to take photos of them later today.  Right now we're waiting for Matt's dad and stepmom to drive down from Oxford for lunch so I should shut down the computer and finish getting ready....


  1. Just beautiful. And the bump picture is priceless.

  2. What a lovely day! And I love the bump picture framed by the archway :-)
    Happy belated birthday!

  3. Oh that all sounds so fantastic! and the cow crossing is just another one of those things that makes me so jealous of your foreign movie life!! Happy Birthday!!