Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stress Relief Through Stitching

I mentioned in my next to last post that I didn't really like being pregnant.  Honestly, that was barely scratching the surface.  I'm having a really rough time.  Bad days, big tears.  All of my issues don't have to do with actually being physically pregnant but I'm sure the hormones aren't helping. 

I needed a stress reliever - something to take my mind off things - so I finally pulled out the Forest Friends embroidery patterns I purchased from Sublime Stitching last month.  I'd forgotten how much I loved pulling a needle and thread through fabric and spent nearly the entire day stitching away except for the quick trip I took into town to buy a few more colors.  I've got to go through my unpacked craft boxes soon because I already have a pretty good stash of thread and really can't afford to pay a crazy 85p/$1.35 per skein to build up a new stash.  Plus I've got several other pattern sets from Sublime Stitching that I'd love to play around with again.

This owl was the first thing I limbered up on yesterday.  


Then I put the colors away and stitched this little hedgehog,


Now I'm working on the squirrel.  I'm taking my time and really making sure my stitches are even and feeling a little less stressed with each one of those little stitches.  And, Catherine, I had to go through French knot lessons again!  


I'm going to dig through my fabric stash, too, and back each of these
with a matching fabric to make little stuffed animals for the baby's
room or maybe a little mobile.

Speaking of the little acorn, I'm 25 weeks along and had a checkup today and got to experience one of the really great things about being pregnant: hearing the heartbeat for the first time.  At my only other midwife appointment she couldn't find the heartbeat so I actually ended up having a scan instead.  And regardless of how I feel on the inside, she told me that I looked great and that pregnancy really suited me which was really nice to hear. 

Another thing that makes me feel better is looking at baby clothes and we did a little of that this afternoon.  I know everyone oohs and ahs over cute clothing for girls but boy's clothes are pretty darn cute, too!   Picturing the little man who will fit into them also does a pretty good job of pushing aside a few of my problems - we can't wait to meet him.  


  1. Oh those are just ADORABLE!! I feel for you and your pregnancy woes - don't think for a minute that you're alone though - I'm sure there are tons of women who felt exactly the same way. I know some people start off just terrible then it suddenly changes - like you said, an awful lot of it's crazy hormones! keep doing stuff that makes you happy!

  2. I never have been able to do a decent French knot. I'd always take the piece to my mother and let her do it.
    The heartbeat is a magical sound, isn't it? I can still hear both of mine. Like horses galloping underwater.
    Hang in there. Looks like you're getting the hang of taking care of yourself. You know where I am if you need me.

  3. Love them! Believe me, I have to do a couple of practice french knots after an embroidery haitus; but you're inspiring me with your woodland friends, so cute! I heart Sublime Stitching!
    I'm sorry you're feeling woeful; pregnancy does take a lot out of you - so I hear anyway! ;-)
    Take care of yourself! And how exciting to hear the little guys heartbeat!

  4. You have a great ideas doing those stitches. They look so cute and very admirable. I hope I can have a pattern on sewing cartoon stitches.