Sunday, October 25, 2009

I Really Am a Knitter

A few days ago I joined a group over on Ravelry called The Blog Hub for knitting blogs and then realized that, even though it's nearly the biggest word over there in my category cloud, this blog hasn't seen a bit of knitting in a long time.  So just to prove that I really do knit, a post about knitting.

I bound off the body of my FLS, literally, minutes ago.  After seeing how pretty Ginny's was turning out and then how it actually turned out, I went into FLS overdrive.  I had started this back in the summer but packed it in Matt's suitcase when he went home in June after the wedding assuming that I'd be able to pick it back up in three weeks and have it finished for fall.  Of course, things didn't really work out that way and it stayed in his suitcase up until a week or two ago when I finally pulled it out and got on with it.

FLS Full 

FLS Side

It might go into slight hibernation because I think my size eight double points are in one of the many boxes downstairs marked CRAFT SUPPLIES.  I'm afraid to check the stash I either didn't ship or bought over the summer for fear that I won't find any but but kind of figure I'll attack the boxes tomorrow if that's the case.  I think I might have even marked the box they're in with an extra KNITTING NEEDLE label because I've moved enough to know that it's good to make sure the things you'll need are easy to find.  

When I got here last month I started on the Beachcomber Bag.  One word: bobbles.  It's in hibernation until I finish the FLS, Buddy's sweater and maybe a bit more of the Gooseberry Cardigan which is in the early, not worth photographing stages.  

Beachcomber bag

It's pretty, though, and I like the yarn quite a bit.

One last, non-knitting photo.  I found that living here requires you to carry a change purse as well as a wallet since, instead of dollar bills, there are pound and two pound coins which means you're almost guaranteed to be carrying around a some times not so small stash of change.  It took a lot of searching but I finally found the perfect one the Elusive Purse Mouse.  

Elusive Purse Mouse


  1. OH EMILY - I LOVE THAT MOUSE PURSE! it's a good thing you live in another country now, because I'd probably have to mug you in the Boston Stoker parking lot and run off with it, giggling all the while! Sure, I'd feel bad about it later, but honestly, how could I be blamed? ;) Your FLS looks fantastic!

  2. The FLS looks great and I love that little mouse purse! Can't wait to see the sweater when it's done.

  3. Your knitting looks fantastic and I just love that adorable change purse!

  4. That Ravelry group on blogging looks great, thanks for the link! Love the colour of your FLS, and your new mouse purse is just adorable :)

  5. I was in love with the sweater until I saw the mouse. Now I can't decide!!!!