Saturday, October 24, 2009

On the Way to Fishterton Mill

Yesterday I decided I didn't care if I looked like a tourist and took some photos I've been meaning to take for awhile along our walk to Fisherton Mill - a place that I've been meaning to blog about for awhile. 

I love these clever flower pots.  It's a great idea garden idea for those of you who happen to have a couple of cracked kayaks and a tiny, leaky rowboat just lying around.

Eclectic Flower Pots 

This is my favorite storefront - abandoned or otherwise - and not just because it's shades of my favorite color although that's probably what initially caught my eye.  I wonder what it looked like inside when it was still open for business.  I'm afraid it's going to be purchased one day and, unless it's bought by a family called Knight that wants to sell fish and poultry, the front will be destroyed. 

Favorite Store Front

To the right is a cute little gift shop/Cath Kidston reseller called Lulu's.  We stopped in yesterday to see if they had her cute mini agenda books in stock but, unfortunately, that's one of the few things you can only buy in an actual Cath Kidston shop. 

Now on to The Mill.  Matt and I went to Fisherton Mill on my very first day in Salisbury back in November of last year.  I guess you would call it our first date even though we'd known each other via email and phone calls for a little over three months.  

The Mill

I remember sitting across from him, just as nervous as can be, wanting to hold his hand as it sat there on the table top, just an inch and a half from mine, but just being too afraid.  We'd only hugged at the airport, after all.  Even though it was clear that we were crazy about one another before I'd arrived, it was a little different once we met in real life.  I was mad about him in person as well and attempted to put out little signals but I wasn't sure how he felt.  Matt was too gentlemanly to be too forward and make a move and, obviously, my signals must have really been a bit weak because he wasn't picking them up at all.  We worked it out eventually - although, considering that we're married and I've moved 4,000 miles to a new country to be with him, that's probably pretty obvious.

Up until yesterday we've managed to always sit at that same first table.

Our Table with Text copy

The Mill is half cafe, half gallery and gift shop with works by local artists.  My favorite thing about the Mill, though, is their flapjacks.


I've yet to make my own flapjacks but I have a tin of Golden Syrup downstairs that's just waiting for some oats and a good recipe.  I tried making them when I lived in the states using honey, I think, because we don't have Golden Syrup and they were disastrous.  Little burnt hockey pucks.  Tomorrow, though, I'm hoping to have a post about the honey toffee I made with GS and an insane amount of honey but we're still waiting for it to harden.  I wanted to make some to take to Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night and am glad I decided to give it a test run (i.e. excuse to make something sweet) otherwise I would have made it the day of and it never would have been ready to break up and take with us. 

That other chocolaty thing was a hedgehog cake.  Good but not as good as the flapjack!

Here's another kind of blurry shot of the cafe.  The gift shop part is the glaringly bright section.

Mill Cafe 

Matt bought me a cute pair of tiny heart shaped earrings and these adorable buttons/badges (more things are called something else here than you realize).

Cute Buttons 

Speaking of cute - there was an insanely cute King Charles Spaniel (I only know this because there was one in Buddy's puppy class) under the table next to us.  Matt even offered to ask if I could take a photo because I was too shy but I just don't think they would've understood why I wanted to take a picture like that - something mundane yet, I think, as cute as a well behaved dog under a table.  I need to get over worrying about what other people think and being shy because now I wish I had taken the photo!

I avoided being the Uber Tourist and didn't snap one of the red telephone box in the close on our way into town.  I have to admit, though...I did take one of those on that very first trip nearly one year ago but I really was a tourist back then. :)

Matt needs to get to back to work so I'm going to surrender the computer - maybe tomorrow I'll actually catch up on my emails....


  1. Hi there! I found your blog through ravelry and I love it! It's so attractive- and the photos are beautiful! I've subscribed to your feed, too!

  2. It all sounds so nice and that cafe looks so cute. It sounds like you are feeling a little better - I'm happy for that. Hope to hear from you soon.

  3. The shop with the green tiles has been several things in the last few years and they have always left the poultry and fish signs alone - even when it was a juggling & kite shop, and a beauty parlour!