Tuesday, November 24, 2009


George & the spire

George - side
Geroge - head shot 

George would like nothing more than to be a security guard at the Salisbury Cathedral but, sadly, this position does not exist.

Big Blue by Roxycraft

4.00 mm (G) hook

Vanna's Choice in Pea Green

I don't think the top and bottom halves of his head are attached correctly but the pattern wasn't quite clear enough for me and the photos were, unfortunately, at an unhelpful angle. It makes him have less of an under bite and more of an all over alien look but it also makes him mine.  Otherwise, though, it's a great pattern and would make a cute Christmas gift for a little one (minus the plastic pellets he's stuffed with, of course).

Wow, I haven't crocheted much since I left Dainty Kitty to become Viking Tea Party - I had to create a "crochet" category for this post.


  1. He's fab! That photo of him in front of the Cathedral makes him look positively monstrous, I love it!