Sunday, November 1, 2009

This Week I....

:: baked flapjacks.  Twice.  I'm tweaking a recipe I found online so both batches were radically different.  They only last about a day around here so I think I might make another attempt tonight.

:: finished my mitts.  I wasn't even going to try to take a photo by myself so I'll have Matt help me out tomorrow.

:: went to knit group - can't wait until next month.

:: finished my FLS at knit group.  It needs a serious blocking and buttons but I'm happy with it.  Now it's back to knitting Buddy's sweater.

:: read Revolutionary Road and loved it. 

:: got a haircut and love it.

:: toyed with the idea of doing NaNoWriMo.  Still haven't decided but if I were going to, this would be the year to do it.  The whole idea thing is a real hang up, though....

:: watched Gladiator for the first time and liked it.  I've wanted to watch it ever since we went to Rome.  It was good - a little gorier than I'd expected - but I wanted to see more of the Coliseum. 

:: had my first pasty - onion and cheese.  It was okay but I'm not in a real hurry to have another one or anything.

Yipes, just enough time to make a cup of tea - it's freezing in here and I turned the heat on at least an hour ago - before I do a Skype chat with Mom and Dad! 


  1. I actually prefer the sausage roll to the pasty - have you tried those yet?

  2. You never saw Gladiator!!! Oh my god! That's one of my all time favorites - love the soundtrack... ahhh. good stuff

  3. A second thought I just had re-reading this post - for NaNoWriMo a good idea would be your journey of where you are now - or at least start on a book/short stories about your new life in England. I'd read it!