Friday, April 30, 2010

A Place to Knit

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I once knitted while riding a camel across the desert.

Nah, not really.  It does seem like a better way to start a post about where I like to knit than, say, a photo of my couch which is where I actually knit most of the time.


Cuddled up under the Ugly Blanket (a Christmas gift from one of my grannies - ugly but too soft and snuggly to give up) with the tv on and my feet up on that trunk.  I know it's better to knit while sitting in a more proper position but my short legs find that more uncomfortable so they're usually propped up or tucked under me. 

I don't knit anywhere unusual, really.  Knit groups at coffee shops really aren't strange anymore although I am looking forward to our next knit group because, weather permitting, we'll be knitting out doors at the Parklife Festival. 

I used to knit on car trips - still not unusual but at least it's no the living room couch - but the curvy roads of England have put an end to any knitting or reading in the car! 

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