Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Colorful Crochet Cure

I have lots of things on my restless needles at the moment but not one finished project in sight.  This need to finish something, I think, makes the restlessness that much worse so I spent some time the other night looking around for something I could work up quickly.  Little did I know the inspiration I was looking for was hanging put in my blogroll in the form of Kate's hooky fingerless mitts.  I dug out the Noro Striped Scarf I knew I was never going to finish (I didn't realize you needed two skeins of each color when I purchased the yarn), frogged it and started a pair of crocheted mitts of my own.  

I didn't photograph it but the flip side of a fabric crocheted through the back loops is really pretty so I had a little trouble deciding which side to use.  In the end I did use the front side, though.

Noro Silk Garden 255 crocheted with a G hook

I dug through my button box and pulled out three random-yet-vaguely-matching buttons for each mitt, thinking I would decorate the wrists a bit but once I sewed the first and started on the second I decided I liked them colorfully plain. 


So that was a slight cure for the restlessness - tomorrow I've got a bit more cure to post!

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  1. Oh oh oh!!! You liked my little fingerless mitts! I'm so glad! Yours look wonderful- I love that great yarn can really make basic stitches sing!