Monday, January 4, 2010

Beauty at Salisbury Cathedral

This year, for the first time ever, I went to church on Christmas day.   Or perhaps I should just say I went in a church on Christmas day.  We still hadn't been in to see the decorations in the cathedral so after we exchanged presents but before we had a Skype chat with my parents (in which we drank so many mimosas that our Christmas day dinner was postponed until Boxing Day), we walked over to take a look.

I did take several photos of the amazing nativity including one rather evil looking angel but it was the new baptismal font that absolutely amazed me.  

This is not an upside down photo....

Reflection's a reflection.

Running water 

Front reflection 

Another reflection 


I could have gazed at it/into it for hours but, unfortunately, a tourist decided to touch it causing a ripple that just wouldn't quit.  Argh. 


  1. Beautiful! That definitely wasn't there when we visited in Feb 2008. I have a blog related question for you - since you use typepad, is it worth it the pay the monthly fee? I've been looking into moving over to a different type of blog space and was thinking about typepad.

  2. those are AMAZING photos Emily!! I can barely take a picture of a skein of yarn without my hands shaking and it ending up blurry!