Sunday, January 17, 2010

Can I Come Out of Hibernation Now?

I'm hoping I'm a couple weeks too late to make this project really worthwhile.  After all of the recent snow, the 45°F/8°C temperatures we had today and the trip to the beach (more on that later) we took this afternoon left me longing for spring.  I'm ready to be done with winter and things like ear warmers - even if they do have cute little bear ears stitched on them.

Front 1  

Bear Headband - G hook and some mystery yarn that's probably Lion Brand.

This a sweet little one night project.  The most difficult part is getting the ears in the right place - three tries and a helpful husband later, I was finally satisfied.  My only adjustments: I added a few stitches to the headband to make it an ear warmer and I made the ears a wee bit bigger. 

Sadly, I see only one thing when I look at this photo and that's the unruly gray hair there in the middle.  It doesn't even want to hang out with the others and sweep to the left.  Nope, it hangs straight down and waves its little arms, "Look at me! I'm different!"  Not that I'm complaining - I am 35, after all - I just wanted kids to give me gray hair - not life in general.  

Just an ear 2

I think my niece and nephew could use a pair of these, too - they'd be perfect for kids.  

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