Saturday, January 30, 2010


My days of knitting and crocheting non-stop are coming to an end but at least it's for a great reason: my parents are coming to visit for the last two weeks of March and there are so many things we'd like to do around here before then.  For now, though, I knit.  A lot.

This week I knitted up another incredibly popular pattern, Odessa


I used a fantastic yarn by Colinette called Cadenza that I picked up several skeins of in both this shade, Summer Berries, and an beautiful blue called Adonis Blue at Burford Needlecraft on Monday.  It's incredibly soft and knits up wonderfully - plus it has a sweet price tag of only £4.50 (with 15% off while we were there - hooray for surprise sales).


I loved the pattern, too.  Without using beads, it's delightfully monotonous although I have to say I fell asleep a bit during the decrease rows and had to back up quite a few rows to fix my mistake. 


As much as I love the yarn and the pattern, I'm not really sure how much I like the hat on my head.  It doesn't flatter my chipmunk cheeks at all.  I blame all the butter, cheese and bread I've consumed over the last four months.  Regardless, I've already worn it quite a bit - it's really comfy.  

I'm going to add a new segment to Viking Tea Party in the next couple of days that I hope will be amusing to those on both sides of the pond.  :)

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  1. Love the colorway! And can't wait to see what you add to the blog.